20's Plenty for Langholm


Welcome to 20s Plenty for Langholm

Our aim is for Langholm to have a 20mph default speed limit where people live, without traffic calming

Why?- 95% reduction in risk to walkers and cyclists - Also more walking and cycling, less pollution, less noise, less fear and a better quality of life.

We are a local group of www.20splentyforus.org.uk

Why 20mph? 4 Minute Video

About the "20's Plenty For Us" Campaign

The ‘’20’s Plenty For Us’’ campaign is becoming widely adopted as traffic policy throughout the country. Already more than 5 million people in the UK are living in places where traffic authorities have created safer, more pleasant, quieter streets by introducing the 20mph limit.

The policy relies on 20mph to become the default speed limit backed up by light touch policing. The use of costly and complex traffic calming measures such as humps are unnecessary.

With slower speeds the reduction of danger is obvious: If you are hit by a car at 35 mph your chance of survival is only 50%. If you are hit by a car at 20 mph your chance of survival leaps to 97%.

Reducing traffic speeds on our streets is the single biggest measure which will make them safe, vibrant and social places, not just corridors for traffic. With more pleasant, sociable streets our sense of community grows and people become more likely to walk or cycle than take their car, easing the demand for car parking.

The difference between driving one mile at 20mph and driving one mile at 30mph is only one minute. The health of our children and elderly should not be put at risk for the sake of one minutes faster travel.

20 mph also reduces pollution from exhaust fumes, and is better for the environment and our health.

 A few of the benefits of 20 mph include:
• Increasing road safety by reducing the risk and severity of collisions
• Improving accessibility for older people
• Improving the sociability of our streets
• Improving the air quality by reducing emissions from motorised traffic
• Smoothing traffic flow by reducing bunching at junctions
• Reducing noise by lowering the levels of acceleration and deceleration of car engines.


Northbound traffic on the High Street

Langholm Trucks

Southbound lorries entering the High Street at Townhead

Photos Demonstrating Why Langholm needs the "20's Plenty For Us" Campaign


Eskdaill Street, a residential street with no pavements. Speed limit should be 20mph or less, not 30


Humps and 20 signs will be unnecessary when 20mph limit is implemented over all the town’s streets.

High st3
High st2
High st

 Langholm High Street, pavements less than 3 feet wide and 44 tonne HGV’s. 30mph is completely inappropriate as the speed limit. It should be 20mph or less.

Drove rd 2
Drove road

Drove Road. For vulnerable pedestrians 30mph as the speed limit on this narrow bending residential road with no pavements is unacceptable. It should be 20.


Caroline Street where Lizzle’s Entry and the pedestrian Park Bridge form a ‘’crossroads’’ with Caroline street. We have seen several near misses. Cars on Caroline street speed past at 30mph which is unacceptable. 20 should be the limit.

charles st

Charles Street is popular well-trafficked by pedestrians and cyclists crossing the suspension Bridge while cars come down to the public car park from the High Street. This conflict means the street deserves to have a 20mph speed limit, not 30


High Street south of the Town Hall (‘’The Straits’’) seen here on a quiet Sunday Morning with few heavy trucks, but cars travelling on the High Street at 30mph threatens the lives of residents when they step out of their front doors onto this miserably narrow pavement. Many people have been terrorized by the traffic and avoid using their own High Street. Not surprisingly few walk along this pavement.


Looking up the High Street from the Market Place


Typical of the trucks coming through


A ‘’Give Way’’ sign when going down the High Street past the Town Hall. This ‘’trunk road’’ is so narrow here that only one-way traffic is feasible. The pavements are minimal in width. Yet the speed limit remains 30mph. The Traffic Authority, Transport Scotland, are insulting the people of this town if they fail to revise the limit down to 20mph over the whole length of the High Street.

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